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And here we have it, a newly made wiki for 5e content! It's a little empty right now, but once I've made way too much homebrew, you'll start seeing things show up here.

Revised Two Weapon Fighting Rules

Fields of Magic (A WIP system enabling greater teamwork potential between casters and martials alike. Heavily inspired by Tales of the Abyss and Guild Wars 2)
Spheres of Power (A WIP conversion of the SoP system for 5e)
Tome of Battle (A WIP conversion of the ToB system for 5e)
Paladin v2 (WIP. An overhaul of Paladin in the style of Warlock. Specifically meant to be balanced against Hexblades)

Downtime (WIP revision of downtime rules. Includes training, crafting items, gambling, running a business, and costs of living.)
Organization Rules

d20 Electrum

Revision of all of 5e, condensing, rebalancing, and recontextualizing all of 5e.

Abberant Mark Template
Wanted Pages
Spell Descriptions
Fighting Styles
Race Template
Background Template

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Eternal Empire

The Cosmic Whirlpool

Memes of the Apocalypse

For DMs

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