Battle Engineer

Battle Engineer's Knowledge

You learn the Magic Armor and Magic Weapon Infusions.
At 5th level, you learn Elemental Resistance and Vengeance Weapon Infusions.
At 9th level, you learn Protective Armor Infusion.
At 13th level, you learn Quickened Weapon Infusion.
At 17th level, you learn Antimagic Armor Infusion.

Arcane Rejuvenation

You can expend a number of Infusion Points up to your proficiency bonus as an action. You gain temporary hit points equal 5 * the number of Infusion Points spent.

Battle Engineer Proficiencies

You gain proficiency with martial weapons and heavy armor.

Extra Attack

At 6th level, when you take the Attack action, you make two attacks instead of one.

Battle Engineer Enchantment

You may invest up to 2 Infusion Points in a special Infusion slot. The Infusion must be one that affects a weapon, armor, or piece of clothing. Any item you make use of that can be affected by the Infusion is affected. You may invest up to 3 Infusion Points at 17th level.

For example, an 11th level Battle Engineer can infuse a greatsword with Bleeding Weapon, and the Battle Engineer slot with Elemental Weapon. Any weapon wielded by the Battle Engineer is affected by Elemental Weapon, and the greatsword is affected by both Bleeding Weapon and Elemental Weapon.

Mass Enchantment

At 14th level, all allies within 60 feet of you gain the benefit of the special Infusion granted to you by your Battle Engineer Enchantment feature.

Arcane Army

At 18th level, allies within 150 feet of you may attune themselves to a fourth magic item. This magic item must be a weapon or armor. If your allies are not within 150 feet of you, they cease to gain the benefits of being attuned with that item.

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