Arawai, Goddess Of Agriculture

“The Sovereign of Life and Love,” Neutral Good
Most Vassals think of Arawai as the deity of fertility, crops, abundance, and plant-life in general. While accurate as far as it goes, this is a limited understanding of Arawai’s place in the pantheon. More properly, she holds dominion over the natural world as viewed through the lens of civilization.

A follower of the Host lost in the forest, or wandering unknown valleys, is most likely to call upon Arawai for aid.

  • Portfolio: Fertility, crops, abundance, plants, the wilderness, birth.
  • Domains: Life, Nature
  • Priest Training: Arawai’s priests are knowledgeable about farming or natural lore, as well as religious issues. Most were farmers, woodcutters, or herbalists before becoming priests.
  • Quests: Arawai’s servants embark on quests to end famine, rescue those lost in the wilderness, or protect forests and farmland from ravagers.
  • Prayers and Rites: Sacrifices to Arawai offer grains and other consumable plants and produce. Vassals request good harvests and live, healthy births from Arawai, as well as guidance in the wild.
  • Shrines: Shrines to Arawai are usually built of wood, rather than stone, and roofed with leafy branches atop a latticed framework. They are often adorned with stalks of grain or growing vines.
  • Favored Weapon: Morningstar.
  • Holy Symbol: A stalk of wheat, or the Octogram in bronze and green, representing grains and plant life.
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