Onatar, God Of Artifice And The Forge

“The Sovereign of Fire and Forge,” Neutral Good
Without Onatar, the civilized races could never have risen above the beasts to build communities and societies. He is the god of the forge, of craft and industry, and also of fire. He first inspired mortals to build tools and weapons, and then to improve on those already built. He is the patron of smiths, artisans, inventors, some who craft magic items, and even a small but growing number of warforged. He also receives prayers of those who venerate fire, which legend says he gave to mortals to survive the cold winters.

  • Portfolio: Crafts, weapons, tools, smithing, fire, innovation.
  • Domains: Knowledge
  • Priest Training: Most of Onatar’s priests are also crafters of some sort. All are expected to learn a trade if they do not already have one, for Onatar preaches that everyone should contribute to society.
  • Quests: Priests of Onatar quests for new knowledge and techniques of building and crafting.
  • Prayers and Rites: Onatar prefers petitioners to make something, rather than sacrifice something, during their rites. Since this is not always practical, however, he accepts offerings of old tools and weapons that have served well.
  • Shrines: Shrines to Onatar are almost always stone, because they include working forges. They are sparsely adorned and contain many windows to allow smoke to escape.
  • Favored Weapon: Warhammer.
  • Holy Symbol: Crossed hammer and tongs, or the Octogram in red and orange, representing the different shades of fire.
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