The Chamber

The Chamber consists of dragons from Argonnessen who want to take a more active role in the world, and their servants, many of whom don’t realize they work for dragons. This secret organization watches for the emergence of dragonmarks on the lesser races, and believes that the Draconic Prophecy should not just be studied and contemplated, but actively assisted so that its verses come to pass sooner rather than later.

The Chamber was formed by younger Argonnessen dragons who believed that the Prophecy demanded their participation in the world beyond their continent. Older dragons reluctantly allow the Chamber to exist, so long as it keeps a low profile and doesn’t do anything to endanger the Prophecy or the dragons themselves. To this end, dragons belonging to the Chamber either watch the activities of the lesser races from afar or use magical means to disguise their true nature when they move about in the world of humans.

The Chamber has little structure or organization. Members share knowledge as warranted, even keeping dragons that aren’t part of the group informed about their findings and observations. Some dragons of the Chamber spend decades disguised as members of the lesser races, serving as advisors to kings or silent observers. Only when a Chamber member reveals his true nature do the leaders of Argonnessen take an interest in their group’s activities, and if any dragon is believed to threaten the entire community, it is dealt with harshly.

Members of the Chamber or its agents among the lesser races may approach adventurers to help in some long-ranging scheme or plan to propel the Prophecy forward. Most often, the adventurers never realize that their patron in such situations is a dragon.

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