The Dreaming Dark

The Dreaming Dark, a secret order of psionic spies and assassins, serves as the eyes and hands of the quori in Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams. While it generally seems to be allied with the Inspired lords of Riedra, the goals of the Dreaming Dark are subtle and mysterious—and always deadly. This lawful evil organization makes its headquarters in the city of Dar Jin, in Riedra. Its secret symbol is an eye partially concealed under a wing. When used as a badge of office, the style of the eye indicates the position of the bearer in the organization’s hierarchy.

For a thousand years Riedra has been an insular land of mystery. The Inspired wear secrecy like a shroud, and foreigners are not allowed into the lands of the empire. For much of the history of Riedra, there was no contact between the Inspired and the other inhabitants of Eberron, but in recent decades this wall has been lowered; foreigners are not allowed on Riedran soil, but Inspired ambassadors can be found in most of the courts of Khorvaire.

Even so, the Inspired have long maintained a network of spies stretching across Eberron. For centuries the Dreaming Dark has simply watched the world from the shadows while the Inspired built their power within Riedra. Now the quori are ready to act, and the Dreaming Dark serves as their hands.

Should he ever be confronted with the actions of the Dreaming Dark, a Riedran ambassador would deny that his nation had anything to do with the organization. This assertion is true. The Dreaming Dark is a separate organization whose leaders dwell in Dal Quor itself. The Dreaming Dark provides information to the Riedran court, but the rulers of Riedra have no authority over the agents of the Dark; in fact, an agent usually holds a higher place in the hierarchy of Dal Quor than a Riedran governor.

The agents of the Dreaming Dark are Inspired, human vessels that now hold quori spirits. Some agents use disguises to blend in with the local population; others pose as kalashtar. With a variety of insidious psionic disciplines at their disposal, they can observe and gather information, and over the centuries they have built fifth columns within some nations. As a result, the Dreaming Dark has influence over criminal organizations, trade guilds, and academic institutions. It has agents in dragonmarked houses and royal courts across the world.

The Circle of Night, made up of the most powerful psions among the Inspired, coordinates agent activities. The leader of the Circle, known as the Devourer of Dreams (or the Dreamer), serves a still greater power—the spirits of the quori, located in the heart of Dal Quor. The Devourer of Dreams can commune with the spirits on Dal Quor without being absorbed and destroyed.

Physically, the agents of the Dreaming Dark are scattered across Eberron. However, when one of the Inspired sleeps, its spirit returns to its body in Dal Quor. The Dreaming Dark is a secret order that does not bargain with other organizations. Its greatest enemies are the kalashtar of Adar and the priests of the Path of Light.

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