Alchemist's Acid

2 infusion points, consumable
As an action, a character can throw the vial of alchemist's acid up to 20 feet. Make a ranged attack against the target, treating the vial as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 acid damage, and if the target is wearing metal armor, it takes a -1 penalty to AC. This effect can only be undone by having the armor fixed, which takes one day. This process can be shortened to one hour with access to appropriate materials whose value is equal to half the cost of the armor. If the penalty to AC reduces the armor's AC bonus to 10, the armor is destroyed. The Alchemist's Acid might have effects on other metal objects, as determined by your DM. Alchemist's acid cannot destroy magic armor.

For every extra infusion point you spend, the acid deals an extra 1d8 + 1 damage. For every two extra points you spend, the AC penalty increases by 1.

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