Immortal Guardian

Guardian's Resolve

A true warrior never falters in battle, and her resolve allows her to defend her friends with inhuman zeal. You have a pool of resolve points equal to your Charisma modifier, which you can use to power a number of abilities, below. Your regain your expended resolve when you complete a short rest.

Some Guardian abilities may require a save. Calculate the save as follows:

  • Save DC: 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier

Fighting Challenge

As a bonus action, you may expend a point of resolve and call out a challenge to a single foe to stand and fight. If they fail a Charisma save, then they have disadvantage on all attacks against creatures other than you, and any other creature they use a spell or ability requiring a save against has advantage on that save. In addition, they must make a Charisma save in order to move away from you. This effect lasts for 1 minute.

Call to Battle

At 7th level, you may spend a point of resolve as a bonus action to allow an ally to make another save with advantage against an ongoing effect that allows a save every round to end.

Resolute Defense

At 10th level, you may spend two points of resolve as a reaction when you are dealt damage. You have resistance to all damage for that attack, and until the end of the the attacker's turn.

Inspiring Presence

At 15th level, a guardian's mere presence on the field keeps her friends in the fight. Allies that can see or hear you have advantage on all saves against effects which cause the charmed or frightened conditions.

In addition, as an action the guardian may spend two points of resolve to grant all allies within 30 feet advantage on all attacks until the beginning of the guardian's next turn.

Loyal Beyond Death

At 18th level, even death cannot prevent a guardian from completing her duty. As long as you are fighting to defend another, you have advantage on death saves, and effects which would kill you outright (such as massive damage) instead leave you at 0 hp and allow you to make death saves, as normal.

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