Oath Of Beauty

A paladin devoted to the path of beauty is not only a warrior, but an artist and a guardian. Elegant and poised even in the thick of the fray, they spread perfection wherever they go.


  • Spread Beauty.
  • Protect Beauty.
  • Nurture Beauty.

Oath Spells

You gain oath spells at the paladin levels listed.
Paladin Level Spells
3rd healing word, tashas flirtatious glance
5th calm emotions, enhance beauty
9th spirit guardians, mass healing word
13th guardian of faith, freedom of movement
17th dominate person, hallow

Channel Divinity: Transformation

When you take this oath at 3rd level you gain the ability to perform channel divinity transformations. When you roll initiative, you can use your channel divinity to gain a special turn that takes place before other creatures can act. On this turn the only action you can take is to flashily transform your physical appearance to channel your divine aura and reveal the full splendor of your physical form. If you are surprised this special round occurs after the surprise round.The transformation lasts for one minute. You can choose between the following transformations:

  • Shining Avenger - While transformed you gain +1 to attack with melee weapons and you may add your Charisma to the damage of your Divine Smite.
  • Radiant Guardian - While transformed you gain +1 to AC and you may use your reaction to interpose yourself between an adjacent ally and their attacker, taking the damage from a single attack which would hit them.

Aura of Naturalization

Starting at level 7, all allies within 10' gain immunity to petrification and involuntary shapechanging effects.

At 18th level, the range increases to 30'.


Starting at 15th level when you use your channel divinity transformation you also gain a flight speed equal to your normal speed.

Beauty Unlimited

At 20th level your beauty is so great that you can, with effort, cause the unworthy to turn to stone. When you use your channel divinity transformation any enemy within 30' must make a saving throw at the start of your turn against your spell DC or have their movement speed halved. After a second failed save, they cannot move. After a third, they are turned to stone permanently. Any successful saving throw moves you one step up the track (e.g. immobile to halved movement speed). In addition, unless surprised, a creature can avert its eyes to avoid the saving throw at the start of its turn. If the creature does so, it can't see the Paladin until the start of its next turn, when it can avert its eyes again. If the creature looks at the Paladin in the meantime, it must immediately make the save.

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