Twelve major constellations can be seen in the night sky of the Anchor, and each is home to countless gods - known as Stars. When the Constellations align during a mortal child's birth, that child may be blessed with the soul of a Star. That child will be born with a birthmark resembling a constellation, and when they grow, they invariably develop a wide array of powers. Such children are known as "Starborn", and they are revered by all who follow the Mother.

Starborn generally live charmed lives, guided as they are by the whispering voice of the Mother of Stars herself. The Mother's voice leads Starborn away from shadowed paths, until they have matured enough to stand against the forces of the Dark, whereupon they almost always become stalwart champions against evil. Aside from guidance, Starborn have many advantages over most mortals: supernatural skills, longer lives, even - if the legends are true - the ability to return from death itself, or ascend to godhood.

If your DM permits it, you may select one of the backgrounds below, to represent your life and powers as a Starborn.

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